The 6 Best Shows in Seattle This Week

…And we’re back! How’s everyone been? Hope your time at that Seattle festival and/or that other non-Seattle festival and/or other Memorial Day activities treated you well. We’ll be getting back to what we call “regular” around these parts shortly but first, be sure to check out our newly updated calendar page.

As always, keep your eyes on the main page as we’ll be posting day-of previews for these shows and more.

This week, we’re currently most excited about the following shows. How about you?

5/29 (Tuesday) – Nick Waterhouse @ Barboza

50s-style R&B-infused rock from L.A.

5/29 + 5/30 – Pearl Django @ Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley

Gypsy jazz from Tacoma

5/30 (Wednesday) – Colonies @ Barboza

Experimental indie-rock from Tacoma

5/31 (Thursday) – Sounds Major @ Barboza

Sharp-tongued piano rock from Seattle

6/1 (Friday) – Wintersleep @ Columbia City Theater

Multi-faceted radio-ready indie rock from Canada

6/3 (Sunday) – Destroyer @ Neumos

Ambitious, often inaccessible but often brilliant art rock from Canada

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