Wish Your Name was Clementine with Sarah Jaffe Tonight at The Tractor

Even though the “let’s forgo the band and just all become singer-songwriters” trend has started to dwindle, there are still a handful of songwriting singers we hold near and dear in our music collection.

One such songstress is Sarah Jaffe, an artist with a raw yet delicate voice and a knack for infusing traditional indie pop with unexpected country and electronic flourishes. While we first learned of Sarah from her work and frequent collaborations with SLM favorite (solo artist and one-half of Seattle/Denton duo Ormonde) Robert Gomez, her solo work is fully deserving of your full attention and we’d argue, your evening. Hailing from Denton, TX, Sarah’s music is honest with a flair of southern charm with an interesting combination of violin and guitar with keyboard and electric drums.

Catch Sarah tonight with the Secret Colours at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard.

6/12 Sarah Jaffe / Secret Colours @ Tractor Tavern :: Tickets are $12 :: Doors at 8:30 PM :: 21+

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