Sail On Through the Midweek Slump with Ships and Company Tonight at Barboza

Combining pop sensibilities with clever lyrics and confident instrumentation, Ships bring to mind some of our favorite artists from near and far. Most immediately, listening to Ships interestingly enough makes us think of one of our local favorite bands, fellow fans of nautical monikers, BOAT. Beyond D. Crane and crew, we also hear elements of former rowdy pop rock enthusiasts The Lashes (which totally makes sense as frontman Jacob James played with them, Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground and many others) and even pick up a bit of The Good Life (Tim Kasher of Cursive’s other project).

Rambling preamble aside, let us just say that we like what we heard on Ship’s self-released debut, which is currently available for free download at btw, and were quite pleased to not only learn that they’re currently hard at work on a follow-up, but that they’ll be out of the studio and will be heading to Neumos’ basement tonight.

The band, which slyly calls itself “Seattle’s most refined power pop band,” will be playing Barboza tonight in what just might be the best underhyped and appropriately underground show of the year. Ships will kick off the fun and will be followed by two bands with a mix of musicians from Minus the Bear, The Lonely Forest and Portugal, The Man. Be sure to get there early… OK, at least on time, as you’ll definitely want to hear all the bands on this most unusual Barboza bill.

Ships “Texas” from The Crocodile on Vimeo.

6/27 Black Hills / Hustle & Drone / Ships @ Barboza :: $10 :: 8:00 PM :: 21+

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