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August 17, 2012

Weekend Top Pick: Fox and the Law at Sunset Tavern [album release show!]

As much as we appreciate the hi-fi, glossy sound of some of the indie rock bands we often recommend here on SEA live MUSIC, we can’t resist the raw, untamed and rough edged sounds of one of the local scene’s up and comers, Fox and the Law.

Fox and the Law play some of the best garage rock in the region today, giving a clear nod to Seattle’s famed grunge roots. Unpolished but perfectly in sync, the group is celebrating a brand new album, Scarlet Fever, which officially hits shelves on Aug. 18, and is already winning fans left and right. We bet once you hear their bluesy punk, you’ll be a fan, too.

Fox and the Law are playing tomorrow night at the Sunset Tavern, following Strong Killings and Ben Union.

8/18 Fox and the Law / Strong Killings / Ben Union @ SUnset Tavern :: Tickets are $8 :: Music starts at 10:00 PM :: 21+

August 17, 2012

Country Tunes from the Country Lips Tonight at Sunset Tavern

It’s been so warm in Seattle lately, it almost feels like the city has picked up and moved to the south. And one of our favorite things about the south (other than good BBQ and Shiner Bock) is honest-to-goodness, whiskey-soaked country music.

Even though tonight’s band isn’t really from the south, they sure sound like the real thing. From their cowboy hats to their twangy croons, Country Lips will make you forget you’re actually in Washington. Their repertoire includes upbeat, honky tonk jams to slow-dance worthy Americana ballads. They will be preceded by Jemez Mountain Hawkz and Ole Tinder.

So head on down to the Sunset Saloon (err, Tavern), crack a cold tallboy, and get ready to do-si-do the night away.

8/17 The Country Lips / Jemez Mountain Hawkz / Ole Tinder @ Sunset Tavern :: Music starts at 10:00 PM :: Tickets are $7 :: 21+

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