Day 1: Top 3 Can’t-Miss Picks for the First Day of Bumbershoot

Day one’s here! We published our full schedule and top Seattle band schedule but we realize that can be a lot to sort through. If your someone who’s more knowing the absolute can’t miss acts of any day, this post’s for you. While we’re really looking forward to seeing everything and everyone we’ve previously outlined, we’re most excited about the three sets below.

King Khan & the Shrines (Fisher Green Stage, 4:15pm)

If you’re looking for a burst of energy in the late afternoon, you’d be pressed to find anything better than a set by Arish Ahmad Khan (period!). With his best-known band, King Khan & the Shrines, Khan marries the energy of funk with retro-leaning garage punk. You won’t want to miss this high-octane set from “one of the wildest showmen in underground rock.”

Oberhofer (Sub Pop Stage, 7:00pm)

Though Brad Oberhofer now calls Brooklyn home, his Tacoma roots shine through his music loud and clear. Gritty, lo-fi, unpolished rock with a slight 80’s tinge is what Oberhofer does best. With the release of Time Capsules II earlier this year, you can expect a playful, high-energy set from the group at the Sub Pop Stage.

Helio Sequence (Sub Pop Stage, 8:45pm)

Our Portland-area brethren produce some of the most solid music this side of the Mississippi. One such band that has stood the test of time is the Helio Sequence, a duo that offers danceable alt-rock. They have proven to be a welcome sight in any festival lineup since they formed in the late 90’s, and continue to create music that is as timeless yet modern as anything else out there.

Our full Saturday run-down is below:

12:15 | TacocaT | Sub Pop Stage
1:45 | Unnatural Helpers | Sub Pop Stage
3:15 | Gotye | Mainstage (even though it was overplayed to death, we know you still kind of like that song)
4:15 | King Khan & the Shrines | Fisher Green Stage
4:30 | The Barr Brothers | The Promenade
5:45 | Heartless Bastards | Starbucks Stage
7:00 | Oberhofer | Sub Pop Stage
8:45 | Helio Sequence | Sub Pop Stage
9:00 | Damien Jurado | The Promenade
9:45 | M. Ward | Fisher Green Stage

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