Bad Books, Good Call – Start Your Saturday Night Off with Neumos’ Early Show

As fans of and from the Pacific Northwest music scene, it’s hard not to hear elements of PacNW favorites in a large portion of bands we listen to regardless of what city or town they actually call home. While tonight’s recommended act hails from Brooklyn and Atlanta, we couldn’t help but hear Seattle and Portland in the the mix of rich influences and sonic tendencies.

Made up of usually-solo artist Kevin Devine and usually-with-band frontman Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra, Bad Books combines the audio approaches of their main acts with a healthy dose of influences that broaden the Books’ sound beyond a simple sum. The side project turned full band with help from the rest of Manchester Orchestra plays hook-laden, often dark yet always playfully self-aware rock.

Listen for Elliott Smith allusions in songs like “No Rewards,” Dave Bazan’s Headphones similarities in the chorus of the album’s lead single “Forest Whitaker,” among other seemingly local flavors. As with their main gigs, Devine and Hull’s immense lyrical skills stay front and center making these songs linger in your head well beyond an initial listen. Be sure to get to Neumos on time for this early show for first-rate openers The Drowning Men and Harrison Hudson.

10/6 – Bad Books (ft. Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra) with The Drowning Men + Harrison Hudson @ Neumos, Doors at 6PM, $14 advance

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