Additional Shows + More for a Good News Kind of Day


What a Wednesday! It doesn’t seem to happen often these days but today is one of those rare times when we’re proud of the other Washington.

On a completely different plane, we’re also happy to see more good news from D.C. as an old favorite (and former Barsuk darling) The Dismemberment Plan announced their first album in twelve years this morning.

Bringing it closer to home, this evening brings us three excellent shows we wholeheartedly recommend. For those who know us, we like to limit the tough choices by serving up one recommendation per day as we’re all about bringing you the absolute best “without the extra noise,” but that just wasn’t possible on a day like today.

It’s a celebratory kind of day and why not celebrate it with some great audio options?

6/26 (Wednesday) Sean Nelson, Jenny Invert, Whitney Lyman @ Neumos

Arguably Seattle’s most entertaining frontman goes solo and lands his best album years

6/26 (Wednesday) We Are-She Is, Regional Faction, Sarah Tones @ Rendezvous

Highly addictive, feel-good pop from a Southern California’s best female duo

6/26 (Wednesday) The Gloria Darlings, Pepper Proud, Josh Philpott Band @ Tractor

Beautifully rich folk born in the West Virginia hills and refined in Seattle

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