Iceland Invasion: Best Bet of the Weekend is Reykjavik Calling [FREE show]

Reykjavik: land of volcanoes with names impossible to pronounce, lore of ogres and some of the most innovative music you can find today. From Bjork to Sigur Ros, Iceland is a country that many modern musical geniuses call home. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the scenery, or maybe that ancient magical mythology is real. Whatever it is about Iceland, great music has been coming from that snowy corner of the globe for the past several years.

Fortunately for us Seattleites, KEXP recognizes that musical kinship between the Emerald City and Snjóland, and the radio station is celebrating the return of Reykjavik Calling this weekend. They explain this year’s fest in their own words:

“Presented by KEXP, fans can once again expect a truly unique night of music, with a new twist. In an effort to explore creative ways for these two distinct cultures to collaborate, each headlining band will be paired with a Seattle artist and they will premiere their music at Reykjavik Calling. Borko will be paired with Kaylee Cole, Hermigervill will be paired with Vox Mod and Sin Fang will be paired with Kithkin.”


We’re particularly excited to hear from Sin Fang, the new solo project from frontman of Seabear and Sing Fang Bous, Sindri Már Sigfússon. And we’re also excited that you can go to this event for FREE!

10/12 (Saturday) Reykjavik Calling ft Iceland’s. Sin Fang, Hermigervill and Borko plus Seattle’s own Kithkin, Vox Mod and Kaylee Cole @ Neumos [Free Show!]

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