Seattle’s Best Concerts: Agnes Obel, Iska Dhaaf, John Roderick & more [Week of 3/10]


Not gonna lie, readers. If there’s one thing that we like less than the torrential rain we’ve been experiencing, it’s springing forward into Daylight Savings time. Who needs more light during the day when we’re craving the dark of a music venue?

Fortunately, there are lots of great concerts to pick from this week.

3/10 (Monday) Electric Six, Yip Deceiver @Neumos

A little crazy, a little vaudeville and a LOT good.

3/11 (Tuesday) John Roderick & Friends @ Rendezvous

One of Seattle’s great musical leaders with clever lyrics and mesmerizing guitar melodies.

3/13 (Thursday) Iska Dhaaf, Don’t Talk to the Cops, Stickers @ Neumos

Latest project from Mt. St. Helens Vietnam band frontman, Ben Verdoes. Macklemore makes a cameo in their awesome, retro video.

3/14 (Friday) Country Lips @ Triple Door’s Musicquarium

Down-home country with a rock n’ roll flair.

3/15 (Saturday) Agnes Obel, Bryan John Appleby @ St Mark’s Cathedral

Danish artist with lilting, soaring vocals – we can’t wait to hear her in the acoustics of St. Mark’s.

3/16 (Sunday) The Sword, O Brother, Big Business @ Neumos


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