Apparently Thanksgiving Playlists Are a Thing, Here’s Ours

Thanksgiving! A day where Americans get gluttonous with feasts, friends, family and football. Most of us even have the day off work and/or school to soak in the gravy revelry.

You have your elastic waistband to accommodate the food overload, but what can help mentally prepare you for the family overload? We usually turn to our some favorite artists in times like these, so we’ve put together a list of our top 10 “Thanksgiving” tracks. The below list focuses on the themes of loved ones, dinner and, at the risk of sounding trite, being thankful (without the blatant cheesiness of Adam Sandler’s “Thanksgiving Song”).

We hope at least a couple of these songs will find their way onto your own playlist for Turkey Day.


“Thank You Girl” – The Beatles


“Cousins” – Vampire Weekend


“I Am Part of a Large Family” – Great Lake Swimmers


“Thanksgiving Song” – The National


“Dinner Bells” – Wolf Parade


“Thanks for Nothing” – Middle Brother


“Friends and Family” – River City Extention


“Thank You Friends” – Big Star


“Don’t Thank Me” – French Kicks


“Bare Feast” – Ratatat

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