Have Weekend Plans? Seattle’s Can’t Miss Music for 1/17 & 1/18


Inevitably after the rush of the holidays there’s a lull in the city. We all need a few days to catch our breaths, remember what it’s like to wake up early for work, and think of creative ways to work off the extra calories we’ve consumed in Christmas cocktails cookies. The music scene tends to fall into a lull as well, knowing full well that music fans will be distracted with merry making outside the music venues.

The good news is that we’ve all made it through the lull and the Emerald City music scene is stirring from its slumber in preparation of the spring tour season. Take, for example, this weekend’s stellar lineup.

1/17 (Saturday) Laura Gibson, Valley Maker @ Fremont Abbey Arts

Portland’s favorite songstress teams up with Seattle’s Valley Maker for a mellow, moving night of deeply personal and gorgeously crafted indie folk.

1/18 (Sunday) Another One Bites the Dust: TacocaT, Pony Time, Kithkin, Chastity Belt @ Chop Suey

Bid adieu to the one, the only, Chop Suey in Capitol Hill with a farewell bash that is sure to go down in Seattle music history. (And say a little prayer that the venue will be back in some form or another in the near future!)

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