The Phoenix Rises: Chop Suey Reopens Amid Week of Great Live Music [Week of 3/9]


Emerald City dwellers, rejoice! After a week chock full of great musical options, our recommendations culminate with the Grand Reopening of Chop Suey in Capitol Hill! We can’t wait to find out if the new owners have stayed true to the original vibe of the venue, but based on the debut lineup, we think the Chop Suey will maintain its superbly gritty underground live music reputation.

The show is already sold out, however. But if you can’t finagle a ticket to the Chop Suey Reopening, you can’t go wrong with any of the other shows we recommend this week.

3/10 (Tuesday) Cumulus, Chris Staples @ Fremont Abbey

Unassuming but outstandingly talented singer/songwriter from Florida joins Cumulus for an intimate evening at the Abbey.

3/12 (Thursday) Tweedy @ Neptune Theatre

Wilco’s engaging frontman and principle songwriter hits the road with his firstborn son. The cherry on top is this star-studded music video.

3/12 (Thursday) Beardyman @ Nectar

We are forever grateful to a guy from Best Buy’s GeekSquad for making us aware of this beatboxer/DJ extraordinaire who rose from YouTube fandom to now doing TED Talks.

3/13 (Friday) Dead Moon, Girl Trouble @ Chop Suey

The eclectic, historical and recently shuttered Capitol Hill venue is rising from the ashes after its brief but weighty hiatus. 

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