Best Live Music of the Week: Tycho, Pickwick and more [Week of 3/16]


At first glance this week seemed to be sorely lacking in good shows. However, with a little digging, we uncovered some gems for the most discerning of Emerald City music fans. We’re pleased to recommend some pretty intimate shows this week as well, with the largest venue being the Showbox SoDo, so you can get up close and personal with some great artists this week.

And, if it was a competition to see which venue can book the greatest number of recommendable shows for the week, we’d give the trophy to Sunset Tavern, one of our favorite little Ballard venues, as its calendar is looking pretty great this week!

3/18 (Wednesday) Tycho @ Showbox SoDo

Downtempo, ambient chillwave from San Fran where each song feels like floating through a new dream sequence.

3/18 (Wednesday) Specters, Retirement, Fruit Juice @ Sunset Tavern

Local artists who describe their music as “90s rock 4 luvrs.”

3/19 (Thursday) Black Apples, Black Whales, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Cabana @ Sunset Tavern

Garage pop from LA with a sprinkling of surf.

3/20 (Friday) Hurray for the Riff Raff @ The Crocodile

Knee-slapping Appalachian mountain music from a Puerto Rican virtuoso.

3/20 (Friday) Pickwick, Bardo @ Sunset Tavern

Local indie soul-revival heroes perform at the Budtender’s Ball with free entry with an RSVP.

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