Brighter Wounds = A Better Tuesday

In these troubled times (clichéd but no less true), we sometimes want to hear things that remind us of the past. We want to be brought back to yesteryear, to simpler times. Whether we’re listening to something from that bygone era or something that only recalls past times, we’re often drawn to sonic sentimentality and the audial warmth of what’s familiar.

Other times, we find ourselves craving something completely different. Something that challenges our thinking. Something that pushes us to truly experience music in a different way.

Son Lux is about as far from revivalist tendencies as one can get.

The product of a bi-coastal collaboration between LA based composer Ryan Lott and New Yorkers guitarist Rafiq Bhatia and drummer Ian Chan, Son Lux mixes elements of classical, pop and electronica in ways that become something that’s wholly its own. As NPR’s Mike Katzif aptly puts it in his review of Brighter Wounds, Son Lux’s most personal album yet, “with a masterful flair for entwining the acoustic and the electronic, Lott crafts distinctive fluttering melodies, unique textures and dynamic arrangements that sound like no one else.”

To experience tunes that will at once transport you and root you in the here and now, head to Neumos tonight for a genre-defying evening of cinematic beauty.

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