Wake Up and Clock-Out: Two Nights with The Moondoggies in Beacon Hill


If you don’t know it by know, you’re never gonna know it anyhow

Fifteen years on, you could be forgiven for thinking Kevin Murphy might have given up on you. You could very well think that, but you’d be deeply mistaken.

From the band’s start in 2005 to 2018’s excellent ‘A Love Sleeps Deep,’ Murphy and co have been reliably penning, recording and performing some of the best country-tinged, classic rock-infused tunes heard anywhere.

Since The Moondoggies started in Everett all those years ago, a lot has changed for the band in terms of family life and the shifting priorities that come with looking after new generations. One thing that hasn’t changed is the band’s commitment to lyrically driven, emotionally resonant rock that’s stayed true to its raw and jam-friendly origins.

As longtime fan and A Love Sleeps Deep producer Erik Blood aptly puts it, the band’s “weathered distinction and confidence” remains front and center. Having enjoyed every performance we’ve seen since those early days, we wholeheartedly recommend heading down to one or both nights of The Moondoggies at the Clock-Out Lounge.

Click through for tickets for night one and/or two.

March 6 and March 7 at The Clock-Out Lounge, $15-18, 21+

Friday Night

The Moondoggies
Chris King and the Gutterballs , Ezza Rose
Fri Mar 6th
Doors: 9 PM / Show: 9:30 PM

Saturday Night

The Moondoggies
Silver Triplets of Rio Hondo, Danny Newcomb
Sat Mar 7th
Doors: 9 PM / Show: 9:30 PM

Clock-Out Lounge
4864 Beacon Ave South
Seattle, WA, 98108

Photo: Jason Neuerburg

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