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Karalee Whiting is a Seattle native who fell in love with the local live music scene after seeing Reggie & The Full Effect and Alkaline Trio play at The Showbox in 2003. She has marketing experience with the Sony BMG Music Group and the Universal Music Group, served as an amateur audio engineer and has been a freelance contributor for local and national music publications since 2007. Aside from the Seattle music scene, Karalee enjoys red wine, traveling, cooking and watching an embarrassing amount of funny animal videos online.


Hailing from the other Washington, Matt Whiting spent his formative years learning about and playing music in venues across D.C., Virginia and Maryland. After hanging up his own musical aspirations in the early 2000s, Matt turned his energy to concert-going. (The fact that he lived just a few blocks from Dave Grohl’s Black Cat certainly didn’t hurt.) After getting solicited advice on the benefits of Seattle versus San Francisco living from Thurston Moore, Matt followed his heart, and Thurston’s advice, and moved out to Seattle in 2008. While he doesn’t keep up the five-shows-a-week pace set just after his Seattle debut, you can still find Matt at many of the city’s venues and festivals throughout the year. (Head over to Seattlest to read a majority of his others posts from the past two years.)

It All Started On 1.11.11

As two music lovers in one of the country’s most well-respected musical cities, our friends, family, coworkers, etc. often ask us the same two questions:

  1. What cool shows are coming up?
  2. What new bands should I listen to?

SEAliveMUSIC is our response to those questions.

SEAliveMUSIC came to be on 1/11/11. On this site (and on our Twitter feed) you’ll find daily recommendations, interviews and more on the best musicians playing in our beloved city. By combing through calendars, previews and general pontifications from our music writing brethren, we’re pleased to highlight the best of everything the Seattle scene has to offer. We strive to highlight at least one great show happening in the city on any given night, however we won’t recommend anything we wouldn’t go stand in line to see ourselves. For that reason, there may be a day here and there that doesn’t have a recommended show.

Please join us tomorrow and the next day and the next day for our daily picks, interviews and much more.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey my names miles and im the drummer from local rock band SHOTTY. I ran across your website and I really like it!

    My band just released a new full length, self produced, album called “superfan” and i was wondering if we could submit it to you either through email, or if you had a mailng address we’ll gladly send you a physical copy of the album.

    anyways, look forward to hearing back from you


  2. Hey guys,

    Thanks for all you do for the local scene!



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