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January 7, 2013

Best Shows of the Week [Jan 7]

The first full week of 2013 brings some stellar shows our way. As always, scroll down for some home-cooked descriptors and feast your eyes on some excellent videos. Be sure to check out our always-expanding upcoming events calendar as well to see what shows have caught our collective eyes so far this year.




1/7 (Monday) – Chris Brokaw and Jennifer O’Connor @ The Crocodile

Pensive, driving folk rock from some of the most-respected touring musicians around

1/11 (Friday) – Pleasureboaters with Absolute Monarchs @ Sunset

Quite possibly the best spastic, freakout rock line-up of the year

1/13 (Sunday) – Geographer with On An On @ Barboza

Epic electronic rock in an intimate setting

October 15, 2012

The Best Seattle Shows of the Week [October 15]

With City Arts Fest right around the corner, Seattleites are faced with an embarrassment of riches this week. To help you narrow down the options, here are our top picks.

10/16 (Tuesday) – Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) @ Barboza

The once and future Grandaddy frontman plays a new crop of beautiful, often heart-wrenching songs about the promise of rebirth, technology’s impact on society, fading memories of failed relationships.

10/18 (Thursday) – Absolute Monarchs @ Chop Suey

Absolute Monarchs, which many know as the other band featuring Joel from the muscularly dexterous, critically-acclaimed Seattle duo My Goodness, plays the finest high-energy distortion-driven rock your likely to hear all week.

10/18 (Thursday) – Gold Leaves @ The Crocodile

Seattleite Grant Olsen’s band that manages to create a sound that recalls simpler times with enough flourishes to firmly root itself in the here and now.

10/19 (Friday) – Ravenna Woods @ The Crocodile

Percussive, rhythmically dynamic acoustic rock from always entertaining Seattleites.

10/20 (Saturday) – Lost in the Trees @ The Crocodile

With frontman Ari Picker’s formal training in cinematic scoring, Lost in the Trees is a unique band that takes the incorporation of orchestral elements to a new level.

10/21 (Sunday) – Freelance Whales @ Chop Suey

While the band still leans heavily on keyboard-driven pop, Freelance Whales explore their darker side. The new singles are much more commanding and rich than their delicate, pretty predecessors off Weathervanes.

December 30, 2011

Top 3 (Live Music) Shows To Ring in the New Year

If you’re looking to start your 2012 off with some great live music, we hope this list will be your last minute savior. While house parties and/or open bar situations sound tempting before the fact, we’ll bet you’ll be better served by taking in some great Seattle bands with a celebratory drink in hand.

As an added bonus, all three of these options come with bargain-basement prices and are, as of posting, not yet sold out.

Look for us at one or more of the following venues, as we can’t decide ourselves where music-loving Seattleites will have the most fun.

“The Rolling Stones” @ Comet (9 pm :: $12)

If your definition of a great NYE contains some variant of the words fun and nostalgia, you’d be hard pressed to find a better match than seeing some of Seattle’s best musicians tackling the work of Richards and Jagger. With representatives from Seattle bands Past Lives, The Blood Brothers, Flexions, Shoplifting, Truckasaurus and Whalebones, expect a night of supreme fun and unparalleled musicianship.

Absolute Monarchs @ Rendezvous (9 pm :: $7)

While Joel Schneider may be best known as one-half of the muscularly dexterous, critically-acclaimed Seattle duo My Goodness, his other band Absolute Monarchs has been picking up considerable accolades and a label (Seattle Rock Guy’s Good to Die Records) in 2011 as well. This show, which also features Deadkill and Cold Cold Ground, is by far the heaviest of the three recommendations.

The Black Crabs @ Slim’s Last Chance (9 pm :: $15)

If rockabilly’s more your speed, head on down to Slim’s Last Chance to see some of the liveliest purveyors of retro roots rock you’ve likely heard all year. The bill also features Marshall Scott Warner, Rachel Lynn Harrington & the Knockouts, Roy Kay Trio, The 1uppers.

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