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February 26, 2011

Things Could Get Heavy: Arbouretum Take on Jung at the Comet Tavern Tonight

While the majority of artists turn to (often) trivial interpersonal issues as fodder for their work, others turn to external sources for (often) denser inspiration. While Neutral Milk Hotel was famously captivated by Anne Frank and The Handsome Family fill their songs with true-life melancholy, tonight’s Comet headliner interestingly turned to the pages of Freud’s friend turned nemesis Carl Jung.

Head to the Comet tonight to hear Arbouretum‘s musical take on Jung’s The Red Book as well as other songs from their previous three albums. The Baltimore purveyors of heavy, folk-ish rock will be joined by Endless Boogie.

2/26 at The Comet Tavern: Endless Boogie :: Arbouretum :: Eternal Tapestry :: 9:00 pm :: $8

January 29, 2011

It’s Going To Be A Big Night: Joseph Giant at The Comet


Earlier this week while we were blathering on about the forefathers of Alt-Country, we kept getting distracted by thinking about Joseph Giant’s Saturday evening show. Don’t get us wrong, we’re huge fans of Jeff, Jay, Rhett and the rest of the lot, but there’s something about getting to hear a band on, what we know will be, a steep upward trajectory that’s unlike anything else.

Though we first heard Joseph Giant live as the opener for the (highly enjoyable and surprisingly, not really gimmicky) Neutral Uke Hotel show at the Sunset, the young Seattle band has quickly become one our favorite acts to suggest to friends, coworkers and really anyone else who will listen. Frontman Joe Syverson, formerly of the Final Spins, offers up country-tinged rock songs of heartbreak tempered with hope that would make the aforementioned old-timers proud.

Head to the Comet on the early side as Joseph Giant will be playing second in a line-up that concludes with Portland’s Parson Red Heads.

1/29 at The Comet Tavern: Parson Red Heads :: Wayfinders :: Joseph Giant :: Tango Alpha Tango :: 9 PM :: $7

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