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November 19, 2012

Best Seattle Shows of the Week [November 19]

Our top picks for the week.

11/21 (Wednesday) – Bryan John Appleby @ The Tractor

Thoughtful, folk-infused acoustic melodies from one of Seattle’s finest singer-songwriters

11/23 (Friday) – Country Lips @ The Croc

A Seattle eight-piece that pays “homage to that proud tradition, cranking out debauched ballads with slurred-speech choruses that would make Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard proud”

11/25 (Sunday) – Gabriel Mintz @ The Tractor

Americana-tinged rock with hypnotic riffs and soft, unwavering vocals from another exceedingly talented Seattleite

June 14, 2012

Team Up is at it Again: Songs of Summer Tonight at Triple Door

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we love music for a cause. When artists use their art form to raise awareness and benefit nonprofit organizations, our hearts nearly burst.

One of Seattle’s fastest growing and most trendy giving organizations, Team Up for Nonprofits, specializes in making such partnerships happen. They identify local worthy causes, and find local amazing artists to throw concerts to raise awareness and funds. It’s a formula that can’t be beat.

Tonight’s show, hosted at the illustrious Triple Door, benefits the Rainier Valley Food Bank. The show boasts a jam-packed lineup that includes Lemolo, Noah Gundersen, Big Sur, Ghosts I’ve Met, Sons of Warren Oates, Hannalee, Brad Loomis, Gabriel Mintz, Steve Norman, Phil O’Sullivan, and Matt and Mike Gervais.

As if the bands weren’t enough to entice you to attend, every ticket sold will provide $240 worth of food to people in need in Rainier Valley. Help your neighbors, hear some tunes, and head to the Triple Door when you get off work.

6/14 Songs of Summer: Lemolo, Noah Gundersen, Big Sur, Ghosts I’ve Met, Sons of Warren Oates, Hannalee, Brad Loomis, Gabriel Mintz, Steve Norman, Phil O’Sullivan, and Matt and Mike Gervais @ the Triple Door :: Doors at 6:00 PM :: Tickets are $30 at the door :: All Ages

April 5, 2012

Sounds Delicious: Gabriel Mintz at Delicatus Tonight

We’re a little late in getting this recommendation out there but we assure you, spontaneity will be in your best interest tonight. And if you’re on board with spontaneity, why not add “unexpected” to the mix.

Longtime SEA live MUSIC favorite Gabriel Mintz will be playing a low-key set at an unexpected venue, Delicatus – the lauded downtown deli – starting at 6:30 p.m. Gabe tells us that he’ll being playing for an hour or more and the evening may or may not feature a drop-in or two from some of his immensely talented friends.

Gabe plays Americana-tinged rock with hypnotic riffs, on which he adds his soft, unwavering vocals that are just raw enough to sell the whole thing. Be sure to get there early to grab a sandwich or two and a couple brews.

Before you head to the downtown deli, be sure to check out Gabe’s KEXP session from a couple years back.

4/5 Gabriel Mintz @ Delicatus (103 1st Ave. S, Seattle WA 98104), 6:30 pm, FREE, All Ages

February 11, 2011

“Western Days” on a Thursday Night: Gabriel Mintz at Nectar


Weeknight shows can be tough, which is why we get so excited when a great band serves as an opener. It allows enough time for a couple drinks, good tunes and you can arrive bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to work the next day. It’s especially great when the opener is someone like Gabriel Mintz, who plays Americana-tinged rock with hypnotic riffs, and who could easily be the headliner for the night.

Gabriel is one of the most unassuming frontmen we’ve encountered. His voice is truly a gift – a soft, rich, unwavering tone that is just raw enough to give the band’s music an authentic rock and roll vibe. He’s backed by drummer Trent Moorman of Head Like A Kite and bassist Geoff Stanfield, Sun Kil Moon’s producer, so he is in good company.

Below, we’ve included one of our favorite Gabriel Mintz songs, “Western Days,” from their 2010 release, Volume 1. If you’re looking to make it an early night, we recommend at least checking out Gabriel’s set before turning in. And who knows, after hearing such musical brilliance you might just be inspired to put that third latte to work.

2/10 Way South/The Brambles/Gabriel Mintz @ Nectar :: Tickets are $7 at the door :: Doors at 8:00 PM :: 21+

January 13, 2011

Seattle Showcase of the Week: Elba’s Album Release Tonight at The Croc

As The Dismemberment Plan, the Pixies and Modest Mouse rank among our list of favorites, we’ve been paying close attention to Seattle’s Elba, who cites those three bands as some of their major influences. If you too are a fan of The D. Plan’s polyrhythms or Frank Black’s choppy, boyish vocal style, we bet you’ll enjoy tonight’s album release show at the Crocodile.

If that weren’t enough, the always entertaining, enormously talented Gabriel Mintz will take the stage after local power-pop favorites The Quit. Get to the Croc early, as we recommend all three bands in this, the liveliest Seattle showcase of the week.

Update: You can listen to the EP for free at (Thanks for the tip, Nick.)

Below are videos for all three:

1/13 at The Crocodile: Elba, Gabriel Mintz, The Quit :: Doors at 8 PM :: tickets $8 :: 21+


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