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July 22, 2012

CHBP: Top Picks for Day 3

Today’s best sets are below. Enjoy it as this might just be the end of CHBP as we know it!

Gold Leaves | 3:30 pm • Barboza Stage

Seattleite Grant Olsen’s band that manages “to create a sound that recalls simpler times with enough flourishes to firmly root itself in the here and now.” [SEAliveMUSIC]

Kris Orlowski | 5:00 pm • Vera Stage

We’ve previously described Kris Orlowski’s music as “a classic recipe for great jams that will remind you of carefree summer days around a campfire with your best friends.”

Phantogram | 6:10 pm • Main Stage

Indie pop powerhouse Phantogram combine dreamy vocals with steady beats and melodic keys, which makes them a festival favorite. And if you like ice cream almost as much as you like music, stop by the Bluebird Microcreamery cart near the front entrance to try their Phantogram-cracker flavor, created especially for this show. We can’t decide if you’ll be more excited about the band or the ice cream!

Porcelain Raft | 9:00 pm • Neumos Stage

London-based musician Mauro Remiddi (a.k.a. Porcelain Raft)plays the type of gauzy dream-pop that will no doubt be hit for Block Partyers wanting to enjoy an atmospheric set that falls somewhere between Youth Lagoon’s Friday set and Grimes’ Saturday set.

RA Scion | 9:45 pm • Barboza Stage

While best known as one half of Common Market, or perhaps known by the pseudonym Victor Shade, RA Scion has become legendary for his lyrical talents since he began writing his own rhymes and rapping more than 20 years ago.


Yukon Blonde | 7:10 pm • Vera Stage

Previously, we’ve described Yukon Blonde as “a group Northern neighbors who happen to play some of the finest Canyon Rock that’s hit our ears for years.”

Grand Archives | 8:30 pm • Barboza Stage

While they’ve only been in existence for about five years, Grand Archives is one those bands that has roots that have been a part of the Seattle scene forever. Picking up right where frontman Mat Brooke’s work with Band of Horses and Carissa’s Wierd left off, the band’s thoughtful lyrics, delicate harmonies and country-tinged instrumentation have a timeless quality.

January 15, 2011

Grand Archives to Gently Rock The Croc Tonight

There are very few situations in life that better illustrate the ole “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” lesson than bands splitting up.

Any story that involves founding members of successful bands leaving their groups that continue on after they leave rarely ends well. More often than not, it seems the original band’s new material lacks that special je nai sais quoi that it once had with the original lineup.  And the departing member is rarely able to cobble together a secondary act that demands the same level of respect as the first.

Though that may be the case, there seem to be far more examples of departing members going on to achieve great things than there are examples of bands thriving without a founding member (poor Pete Best of The Beatles comes to mind as the exception).

In our book, Mat Brooke lands on that relatively short list of musicians able to establish a second band of note after leaving his first. While Grand Archives will likely never reach Band of Horses’ level of success, Brooke’s second act continues to amass accolades and fans alike with their harmony rich, low key folk. Fans of kindred spirits Fleet Foxes, My Morning Jacket and Brooke’s early work with Band of Horses will no doubt enjoy Grand Archives’ set at the Croc tonight. 

1/15 at The Crocodile: Grand Archives, Feral Children and Astronautalis / $10 adv / 8pm / 21+

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