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October 16, 2012

Where Epic and Intimate Meet: Jason Lytle at Barboza Tonight

While we don’t find ourselves to be particularly prone to listening to music that served as the soundtrack to our younger years simply for nostalgia’s sake, we do find ourselves going back to artists that have kept us company for years if the music itself stands up to the test of time or if the artists keep putting out great music that pivots off of their earlier work.

Tonight’s Barboza headliner Jason Lytle is an artist who falls into both camps. His work with Grandaddy, with its technology-induced anxiety and future-wary melancholy, still feels as fresh and relevant as ever. Beyond that, Lytle continues to put out exceptionally beautiful, often heart-wrenching songs since his past band’s original demise. Just like in Grandaddy and perhaps even more since, Lytle’s been able to infuse his own brand of humor into the mix to balance out the beautiful sadness present in many of his songs.

NPR aptly describes the songs on Lytle’s second solo LP Dept. of Disappearance. which is available today, as “never aggressively experimental but always fantastically composed, with elegant chord progressions that build and unfold cinematically.” In line with what fans have come to expect, his latest songs “are as sweetly sad as they are comical, and as intimate as they are epic.”

You won’t want to miss this intimate performance of what is sure to be an epic night in its own way. Be sure get to Neumos’ subterranean spot early to take in the excellent solo project of Julie Ann Bee, Sea of Bees.

10/16 (Tuesday) – Jason Lytle (Grandaddy). Sea of Bees @ Barboza, Doors at 8pm, $17.50, 21+

October 15, 2012

The Best Seattle Shows of the Week [October 15]

With City Arts Fest right around the corner, Seattleites are faced with an embarrassment of riches this week. To help you narrow down the options, here are our top picks.

10/16 (Tuesday) – Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) @ Barboza

The once and future Grandaddy frontman plays a new crop of beautiful, often heart-wrenching songs about the promise of rebirth, technology’s impact on society, fading memories of failed relationships.

10/18 (Thursday) – Absolute Monarchs @ Chop Suey

Absolute Monarchs, which many know as the other band featuring Joel from the muscularly dexterous, critically-acclaimed Seattle duo My Goodness, plays the finest high-energy distortion-driven rock your likely to hear all week.

10/18 (Thursday) – Gold Leaves @ The Crocodile

Seattleite Grant Olsen’s band that manages to create a sound that recalls simpler times with enough flourishes to firmly root itself in the here and now.

10/19 (Friday) – Ravenna Woods @ The Crocodile

Percussive, rhythmically dynamic acoustic rock from always entertaining Seattleites.

10/20 (Saturday) – Lost in the Trees @ The Crocodile

With frontman Ari Picker’s formal training in cinematic scoring, Lost in the Trees is a unique band that takes the incorporation of orchestral elements to a new level.

10/21 (Sunday) – Freelance Whales @ Chop Suey

While the band still leans heavily on keyboard-driven pop, Freelance Whales explore their darker side. The new singles are much more commanding and rich than their delicate, pretty predecessors off Weathervanes.

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