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July 23, 2013

Music Fests, Oh My – CHBP & Timber! This Weekend

It’s a big weekend for music, Seattleites! Capitol Hill Block Party is going to be in full swing, for those who love big crowds and… challenging parking. Three day passes are currently sold out but there are still single day tickets available so you may still be able to see The Flaming Lips, Girl Talk, Pickwick, STRFKR, Purity Ring, Telekinesis and other favorites form the NW and beyond. Also, this weekend marks the first annual Timber! Outdoor Music Festival out in Carnation, WA, for those who love campfires and sleeping on the ground. Timber! is a brand new festival from the fine folks who brought you Doe Bay Fest, so expect something more intimate and more natural than the urban alternative this week. Don’t miss anticipated sets from The Fruit Bats, Helio Sequence, Lemolo and Ivan & Alyosha, among others… So really, there’s something for everyone!


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July 21, 2012

CHBP: Top Picks for Day 2

Today’s best sets are below… we’ll see you there!

Absolute Monarchs | 2:15 pm • Main Stage

Absolute Monarchs, which many know as the other band featuring Joel from the muscularly dexterous, critically-acclaimed Seattle duo My Goodness, plays the finest high-energy distortion-driven rock your likely to hear all weekend.

Lemolo | 3:30 pm • Barboza Stage

“With skillful keyboard skills and haunting yet playful vocals there’s little wonder why this female duo is the toast of the town.” [SEAliveMUSIC]

Beat Connection | 4:45 pm • Main Stage

Speaking of local buzz bands, Beat Connection has been picking up fans and critical acclaim with reckless abandon since their genesis back as a freshmen at UW in 2008. The group has since become one of Seattle’s most beloved purveyors of catchy, worldly electro-pop.

Grimes | 7:30 pm • Main Stage

With a penchant for layering exotic pop beats over rich dreamlike soundscapes and multi-tracked transcendental vocals, Claire Boucher’s one woman act Grimes might just be the most sonically ambitious set all weekend.

White Arrows | 10:15 pm • Neumos Stage

As the story goes, White Arrows’ frontman has his undergraduate degree in shamanistic ritual. Take that for what you will but we have no doubt you’ll enjoy the band’s intricate interplay of aboriginal sounds and electro pop sensibilities.


Silly Goose | 3:45 pm • Cha Cha Stage

Billed as the finest Blink-182 cover band you’ll ever see, Silly Goose brings together Jenn Ghetto (Carissa’s Wierd), Thomas Wright and Jeffy Montano (Grand Archives) for a high energy musical experience you won’t soon forget.

Brent Amaker and the Rodeo | 4:00 pm • Neumos Stage

Speaking of good times, Brent Amaker plays the type of highly self-aware but never self-important Johnny Cash-inspired tunes that never fails to put smiles on the faces of any audience.

Some samples of today’s best picks:

June 29, 2012

End the Week the Right Way, With Lost Lander and Lemolo at Columbia City Theater

Along with Ships, our first recommendation this week week, Lost Lander is another more recent “discovery” for us. We’d missed the fact that the ocassionally still relevant granddaddy of music pubs Rolling Stone profiled the band for their excellent “Afraid of Summer” this past January.

The band plays an intricate variety of pop-infused rock that fans of acts like Ramona Falls and Menomena should find comfortingly familiar as Lost Lander’s debut sees Breff Knopf of Ramona Falls and Menomena fame in the producer’s chair. The band also features Matt Sheehey along with other musicians who rank up there as some of Portland’s finest.

If you like what you’ve heard so far, be sure to head down to Columbia City to take in the in-person experience for yourself. They are supporting Lemolo’s album release this evening.

6/29 Lemolo / Lost Lander / Kaylee Cole / Slow Skate @ Columbia City Theater :: 9:00 PM :: $10 advance :: 21+

June 14, 2012

Team Up is at it Again: Songs of Summer Tonight at Triple Door

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we love music for a cause. When artists use their art form to raise awareness and benefit nonprofit organizations, our hearts nearly burst.

One of Seattle’s fastest growing and most trendy giving organizations, Team Up for Nonprofits, specializes in making such partnerships happen. They identify local worthy causes, and find local amazing artists to throw concerts to raise awareness and funds. It’s a formula that can’t be beat.

Tonight’s show, hosted at the illustrious Triple Door, benefits the Rainier Valley Food Bank. The show boasts a jam-packed lineup that includes Lemolo, Noah Gundersen, Big Sur, Ghosts I’ve Met, Sons of Warren Oates, Hannalee, Brad Loomis, Gabriel Mintz, Steve Norman, Phil O’Sullivan, and Matt and Mike Gervais.

As if the bands weren’t enough to entice you to attend, every ticket sold will provide $240 worth of food to people in need in Rainier Valley. Help your neighbors, hear some tunes, and head to the Triple Door when you get off work.

6/14 Songs of Summer: Lemolo, Noah Gundersen, Big Sur, Ghosts I’ve Met, Sons of Warren Oates, Hannalee, Brad Loomis, Gabriel Mintz, Steve Norman, Phil O’Sullivan, and Matt and Mike Gervais @ the Triple Door :: Doors at 6:00 PM :: Tickets are $30 at the door :: All Ages

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