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March 28, 2012

Youth Not Wasted on the Young: Howler at the Sunset Tonight

It’s always a strange scene when a performer wouldn’t be allowed to even enter the venue if not for the fact he’s the night’s entertainment. Tonight at the Sunset presents one of those situations as Howler mastermind Jordan Gatesmith is still two years shy of the legal drinking age. As the story goes, Jordan didn’t even pick up the guitar until five years ago. American youth. What can’t they do?

Luckily for those of with the proper identification, Jordan and the rest of the touring band for Howler will be bringing the band’s catchy, often danceable surf rock to one our city’s most intimate venues tonight. Combining half century-old rock-n-roll sensibilities with an 80s punk aesthetic, Howler produces the type of music that might make you feel just as alive as you did when you first heard The Strokes over a decade ago. As the young band from Minneapolis claims The Cramps, The Replacements and The Velvet Underground among their top influences, music fans longing for punk-infused rock with retro tendencies will certainly feel at home, if not even older, at the Sunset tonight.

Be sure to arrive early to see the entire Rough Trade lineup.

3/28 Howler, The Static Jacks, Valley Fair @ Sunset, Doors at 9:00 pm, $10

January 9, 2012

Deal of the Week: PonyHomie and Friends for Only $6 at The Sunset

After spending our paychecks on gifts for the holidays, there are fewer things we enjoy better than a good deal. Tonight’s recommended show is just that: a really good deal.

One of our favorite local bands, PonyHomie, is back at it tonight with Light’s on Why and Ever So Android. And you get all three of these dark-dancey acts for the low, low price of only $6 tonight at the Sunset in Ballard.

6/13 Light’s On Why / Ever So Android / PonyHomie @ Sunset Tavern :: Doors at 9:00 PM :: Tickets are $6 :: 21+

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February 9, 2011

Mansions: Morose Yet Beautiful Music Tonight at Sunset Tavern


Why is it that all of the latest amazing bands insist on having the most un-Google-able names? For instance, “Tennis,” who we featured last week, yesterday’s featured band called “Thousands,” or even today’s band, called “Mansions.” Anyway, we digress.

Mansions’ latest release, “The Best of Bees,” was a pay-what-you-want release from their bandcamp page, and features a collection of B-sides that could easily be mistaken for A-sides. With a sound that ranges from Brand New to Kevin Devine to David Bazan, Mansions wraps melancholy lyrics around universal themes, ties it together with alternately strumming and droning guitar, and puts a synthy bow on top.

Mansions is releasing their third album, “Dig Up The Dead,” in April, and we can hardly wait. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to their set tonight at Sunset Tavern with Jarrod Gorbel (Of The Honorary Title) and John Meeks.

2/9 Jarrod Gorbel/Mansions/John Meeks @ Sunset Tavern :: Doors at 8:30 PM :: Tickets are $10 at the door :: 21+

February 8, 2011

A Band Worthy of Residency: Thousands Seduce Sunset Tavern All February


It is a rare occassion that a band is so good a Seattle venue will ask them to come back again in the same year, let alone the same month. Such fortune has befallen on local lo-fi lyricists Thousands, who will be playing every Tuesday at the Sunset Tavern this month, accompanied by different guests each week. This week, fellow Seattle songsmiths Mike Dumovich and Song Sparrow Research will be making an appearance.

Thousands are gearing up for their first overseas tour through the British Isles, as well as their first album release. They signed with Bella Union Records just as 2011 rolled in, and they are releasing their first LP, titled “The Sound of Everything,” in March (which we will definitely be purchasing). The duo, made up of Kristian Garrard and Luke Bergman, employ delicate acousitc guitarwork with understated harmonies and pastoral lyrics.

If you can’t catch them this week, check them out next week. Or the week after.

2/8 Mike Dumovich/Thousands/Song Sparrow Research @ Sunset Tavern :: Doors at 9:00 PM :: Tickets are $6 at the door :: 21+

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