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August 31, 2014

Bumbershoot Day 2: Top Picks


After a full first day of Bumbershoot, it’s hard to believe we aren’t even halfway through the weekend yet. But with the new day and a few cups of caffeine, we’re ready for another day jam-packed with great music. We’re thrilled (and we’re sure Seattle Rock Guy is, too) that today features a handful of some great metal bands. Early afternoon isn’t when we usually listen to metal music, but when in Rome.

Our can’t-miss acts for Day 2 include:


Hobosexual – 12:30 PM, Fountain Lawn Stage

Hard-driving rock duo from the Emerald City.

Sandrider – 2:00 PM, Fountain Lawn Stage

Locally-based grunge metal band featuring former members of Akimbo.

Kishi Bashi – 3:00 PM, Fischer Green Stage

Melodic pop perfections from a Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.

Red Fang – 3:45 PM, Fountain Lawn Stage

Arena-worthy heavy metal from Portland.

Kins – 5:00 PM, End Zone Stage

Guitar-driven and atmospheric pop from Australia.

The Replacements – 6:00 PM, Mainstage

Post-punk group that made it big in the 80s is back after reuniting last year.

Big Star’s Third – 8:00 PM, Starbucks Stage

Immensely influential rock group from the early 1970s that maintains a strong cult following – original drummer Jody Stephens will be joined be his talented, famous friends and other surprise guests.

The Dismemberment Plan – 9:00 PM, Fountain Lawn Stage

1990s experimental post-punk group from Washington DC released a solid comeback album last year.

Bootsy Collins – 10:00 PM, Fischer Green Stage

Psychedelic funk legend who rose to fame in the 1970s and hasn’t slowed since.

March 28, 2012

Youth Not Wasted on the Young: Howler at the Sunset Tonight

It’s always a strange scene when a performer wouldn’t be allowed to even enter the venue if not for the fact he’s the night’s entertainment. Tonight at the Sunset presents one of those situations as Howler mastermind Jordan Gatesmith is still two years shy of the legal drinking age. As the story goes, Jordan didn’t even pick up the guitar until five years ago. American youth. What can’t they do?

Luckily for those of with the proper identification, Jordan and the rest of the touring band for Howler will be bringing the band’s catchy, often danceable surf rock to one our city’s most intimate venues tonight. Combining half century-old rock-n-roll sensibilities with an 80s punk aesthetic, Howler produces the type of music that might make you feel just as alive as you did when you first heard The Strokes over a decade ago. As the young band from Minneapolis claims The Cramps, The Replacements and The Velvet Underground among their top influences, music fans longing for punk-infused rock with retro tendencies will certainly feel at home, if not even older, at the Sunset tonight.

Be sure to arrive early to see the entire Rough Trade lineup.

3/28 Howler, The Static Jacks, Valley Fair @ Sunset, Doors at 9:00 pm, $10

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